Be Bold Be Confident

As I begin to embark on this journey as a wedding and event planner, I can truly say that this has been a bittersweet experience. Spending countless hours building a company that I deem to be very successful in the years to come has been exhausting. However, I remain excited about what I’m about to bring to the wedding planning industry and how I will use my creativity to design amazing events!

Then there are days when fear tries to get the best of me. Becoming a business owner has its ups and downs. So much going on in my head…so many what-ifs. What if I fail? What if I can't compare to the competition out there? What if no one hires me or even sees my potential? How will people view me or how will they judge the work that I've done? Do I allow these thoughts to hold me back???? NO! I am confident that I have the skills and creativity to successfully execute any event. So, I can’t allow fear to hold me back.

And, it's not about competition…it's about what I have to offer. I believe everyone has that uniqueness in this industry that sets them apart from others. But you must know what that is and be confident enough to bring it! I sometimes must remind myself to “BE BOLD…BE CONFIDENT”, take what I’ve learned and make it my own! If I can offer any advice to those who are starting a new business, whether it’s in the wedding planning industry or anything else, it would be to “BE BOLD…BE CONFIDENT”. Take the skills that you have and be great at what you do but be yourself while doing it! I promise you…it will take you a long way!